QuestioningAIDS.com was established in January, 2010 to serve as a central point of discussion and debate for the AIDS dissident community. The site provides valuable information and links to information about alternative information concerning the immune dysfunction referred to as “AIDS”. We also offer the Internet’s only public forum for those who question the orthodox HIV=AIDS hypothesis.

The original forums were founded by Paul King in 2001.  They were later managed by Rod Knoll for many years, first as a forum at MSN and then at the aidsmythexposed domain, until being moved here.

Current Structure:

The AIDS dissident community is a global one with diverse perspectives.  As AIDS dissidents, we assert that the scientific community has not proven the cause-effect relationship between “HIV” and “AIDS”.

Likewise, the founders and operators of QuestioningAIDS.com have various opinions about these matters, but have chosen to set aside differences in the interest of open debate and discussion.

QA is operated and managed by a group of moderators, technical advisers, and members, known as the QA Team. QA is committed to being accountable to and representative of those who are personally “affected” by a so-called “HIV-positive” diagnoses by requiring that a majority of the QA Team be Affecteds.

Our group is primarily English-speaking and that is reflected in this site.  Links to sites in other languages can be found on the Links page.

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