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Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives

Originally founded by Christine Maggiore, this site presents information that raises questions about the accuracy of HIV tests, the safety and effectiveness of AIDS drug treatments, and the validity of most common assumptions about HIV and AIDS. This material references a growing body of scientific, medical, and epidemiological data, and is designed to inspire much needed dialogue on these issues as well as assist people that want to make truly informed decisions about their lives and health.

Alive & Well San Francisco

Alive & Well San Francisco, established in June 2004, is a local affiliate of Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives, the Los Angeles based nonprofit AIDS service organization. We provide support to people who seek to examine all of the scientific information available on immune deficiency, and explore the many options for improving and/or maintaining their health outside of the prevailing pharmacotoxic paradigm. Many of us question the science that claims that HIV is the cause of AIDS, rather than another symptom of an inflammatory autoimmune disease. We give vital hope by sharing effective and up-to-date information on healing systemic immune imbalances with natural and nontoxic therapies, as well as our members’ experiences with self-healing.

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