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Mostly archived material providing access to scientific, verifiable, alternative information about HIV/AIDS and immune boosting treatments for health that most AIDS organizations do not make available.

AltHeal is maintained by Mike Hersee of HEAL London.


HEAL London is a non-profit voluntary organisation whose primary purpose is to provide support and education to people diagnosed HIV+ or with illnesses that have been classified as AIDS. It is run by people whose lives have been affected by HIV+ in one way or another. We are affiliated with other HEAL groups (Health Education and AIDS Liaison) round the world as well as having close connections with a number of other groups and individuals who call for a rethink in the way AIDS is approached by most medical authorities at present.

We believe the perspectives and sources we consider far more credible than most medical authorities are much more empowering for people diagnosed HIV+  than the approach taken by the vast majority of other AIDS organisations.

HEAL (New York)

Website for the New York-based chapter of HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison):

It is possible to live a productive and satisfying life with a chronic medical condition.
The HEAL website shows you where to start.

At HEAL we advocate expecting health and if you develop a health problem, that you cooly deal with it outside of the context of AIDS. Most health problems don’t call for heroic medicine. We’ll tell you about proven alternative treatments. (And unproven procedures of all types.) You will find many resources for many practical non-toxic approaches to taking charge of your health and life.


HEAL – Health, Education, AIDS Liaison – is a nonprofit organization of volunteers working with the ever-growing, international network of scientists, journalists and researchers who question the many common beliefs surrounding HIV & AIDS. Part of our mandate is to help people better inform themselves about compelling evidence that challenges the theory that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

The information you will find on our web site questions the fundamental assumptions of the HIV=AIDS Hypothesis. You will not find specific recommendations for treatments for HIV/AIDS on this web site, although you will find many links to sites that do. Here you will be challenged to rethink what an HIV positive or AIDS diagnosis could mean. For people given such a devastating diagnosis, this may be an important step toward remaining healthy or overcoming illness.

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