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Fear of the Invisible

Author Janine Roberts’ website provides volumes of information, particularly related to her book, Fear of the Invisible-How scared should we be of Viruses and Vaccines, HIV and AIDS? Roberts’ site also hosts copies of the original Gallo papers, complete with edits in Gallo’s own hands that have never been published elsewhere.Her films on human rights issues won a Nomination for Best Documentaries, various film festival awards, and been on the BBC, the ABC, Channel 4 and WGBH (PBS network) across the Australia, US and Canada. Her human rights work has won support from the World Council of Churches, and organisations of the Methodists, Catholics and Presbyterian churches, and have been sponsored by indigenous organisations in Australia and Canada as well as the ANC in South Africa.She testified on human rights at the US Congress in 2001.

Sparks of Light

Another website featuring the books and films of author Janine Roberts.

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