/ I’ve read that some AIDS dissidents have refused to take the drugs and have died. Doesn’t that prove that they are wrong?


No. It may offer strong evidence they were ill, but that doesn’t constitute proof of the HIV=AIDS hypothesis. Contrary to popular belief, the so-called “HIV tests” are not detecting HIV but rather antibodies (more specifically, proteins) which may or may not be directed at HIV.

Many dissidents argue that an “HIV positive” test result is a non-specific indicator of an immune system challenge, in much the same way that a fever signals something is amiss without telling you exactly what it is.

Looked at that way, it is not surprising that some “HIV positive” individuals would be at a greater risk of developing illnesses, including ones that are life threatening, but it doesn’t tell you why that might be true.

There are also many that took the drugs and died, a fact that is often not mentioned by those making this point.

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