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Rethinking AIDS

Rethinking AIDS (RA) is a voluntary, open-membership association of people who have signed the petition agreeing that “It is widely believed by the general public that a retrovirus called HIV causes the group diseases called AIDS. Many biochemical scientists now question this hypothesis. We propose that a thorough reappraisal of the existing evidence for and against this hypothesis be conducted by a suitable independent group. We further propose that critical epidemiological studies be devised and undertaken.”

RA seeks to bring critical reappraisal to all the facts and generalizations that have been misinterpreted under HIV/AIDS theory and to make the media and the general public aware of the pressing need for such reappraisal, including the corrosive impact of this theory on scientific research and on the human and legal rights of people who test positive on an “HIV test.”


Rethinking AIDS Conference 2009

Website for the Rethinking AIDS Conference, held November, 2009.  See also Rethinking AIDS.

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