/ What is an AIDS dissident?


The term AIDS dissident is a broad catch-all term for those of us who doubt, or disbelieve the conventional (orthodox) explanation for the condition of immune dysfunction commonly called “AIDS”.  Dissident is a self-assigned label, making an absolute definition nearly impossible.

There is a great deal of variety, even disagreement among those who call themselves dissidents.  Some do not believe there is sufficient scientific evidence for the existence of a retrovirus called HIV.  Others question that such a virus is capable of causing the immune deficiency syndrome first identified in gay men in 1981.

As the author of the website whatisaids.com puts it:

“…anyone who, through investigation or life experience has come to the conclusion that there are problems with the relationship between HIV and AIDS can consider themselves a “dissident.”

According to the AIDS Wiki:

“An AIDS dissident is an individual who denies the veracity of, challenges, or questions, in some way, the prevailing scientific consensus that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the sole and sufficient cause of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).”

Another way of answer this question would be “anyone who is not an AIDS apologist”.

[see: “What is an AIDS apologist?” below]

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